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“Ligne Externe”

The vidéo work that Paule Combey and Patrik Pion are developping for several years answers to a joint protocol invariable or rather a telescopage between two types of images. The first consists in taking a moment (a detail) on the action of a character. The second is constitued by short sequences from various environnements. They are sometimes extracted from movies belonging to world cinema’s history and sometimes shot by the artists themselves from their everiday environnement. From this tensioning-speed, repetition, vibration etc. increased and doubled by strident sound editer accompanying the images, results an effect of hypertension itself correlated to what the artists call an affect. What matters is the émergence of these affects since these collusion between two kinds of images, multiplied itself by linking and juxtaposition in space of severa! image sequences and the architectural scale of the places where they are projected. Sensitive construction of these multiple affects, directly related to sensory impressions, rythms, free associations conveyed by images, wants to direct relation to a représentative content clearly identifiable. These “émotions” in the heart of aesthetic investigation that Paule Combey and Patrik Pion are looking to give a resonnance, a foundation and a particular incarnation, acquire about their, the status of a real concept, which is working as an alternative, in the order of revelation of what can be recognized as the subjective heart of the subject, to the unconscious and his theory.

Text by Jean-Christophe ROYOUX, mai 2010

Photo © Marc Domage